Excel-DB. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis  

The world's most popular database spreadsheet interface

Excel-DB is the oldest and most respected software tool for database enabling your spreadsheets. ODBC is a painful and complex problem and Excel-DB gives you built-in widgets to quickly interact with Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.

Hypercharge your Spreadsheets with instant data!

You deserve fast and easy access to your data. Excel-DB is the time-tested solution to empower your spreadsheets with the data that they need, no hassle, no security risks.

Break the chains of spreadsheet data analysis

You deserve easy access to your database data, with Oracle MySQL and SQL Server.

To be effective, you must have fast data access while maintaining security.

Excel-DB is the time-tested solution to empower you spreadsheets with the data that you need, no hassle, no security risks.

Why learn a new tool?  You know Excel, and Excel-DB lets you quickly analyze your data using Excel tools that you know and love.

Excel-DB for business professionals

  • Get the current data that you need, instantly
  • Use MS-Excel tools for advanced data analysis
  • Super-fast, super-easy interface to Oracle and SQL Server
  • Friendly wizard-based data interaction
  • Consolidate data from many different databases
  • Easy interface for Business Intelligence Analysis

Excel-DB for DBA’s:

  • Stop those “Why can’t I get my own data?” complaints
  • Quickly deploy database-enabled spreadsheets to your end-users
  • Safely deploy data without security risk
  • Get Business intelligence extraction with native SQL
  • Perform advanced analytics without expensive new tools

Hypercharge your Excel spreadsheets with database access today.  Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for Excel-DB software. 

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* Instant database access/span>

* Super-fast native API

* Easy data extraction for
   Business Analysis

* Quickly deploy database-
   enabled spreadsheets.

* Friendly, wizard-based

* Consolidate data from
   many different databases.

* Oracle-enable your Excel

* Update your database
   directly from Excel.

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