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Excel-DB Security Toolkit

With the Excel-DB security toolkit you can restrict access and control Excel and database security.

  • Disable Excel-DB dialogs
  • Disallow DML (inserts, updates)
  • Disallow DDL (create table)
  • Disallow SQL*Plus
  • Disallow PL/SQL
  • Disable ODBC (only use OO4O or OLE DB)
  • Disable access to specific databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Restrict connectivity to specific database names
  • Constrain connectivity to specific database user ID's
  • Specify read-only access - Through the use of database profiles you can set your Excel-DB for read-only database access.

Excel-DB Administrative security functions

Excel-DB has security features for large-scale Excel DB implementations whereby you can also export the Excel-DB security settings to .reg files and deploy them to hundreds of Excel-DB end-user's PCs.

Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for the Excel-DB software.


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