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Excel-DB for business professionals

  • Get the current data that you need, instantly
  • Use MS-Excel tools for advanced data analysis
  • Super-fast, super-easy interface to Oracle and SQL Server
  • Friendly wizard-based data interaction
  • Consolidate data from many different databases
  • Easy interface for Business Intelligence Analysis

Excel-DB for DBA’s:

  • Stop those “Why can’t I get my own data?” complaints
  • Quickly deploy database-enabled spreadsheets to your end-users
  • Safely deploy data without security risk
  • Get Business intelligence extraction with native SQL
  • Perform advanced analytics without expensive new tools

Hypercharge your Excel spreadsheets with database access today.

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* Instant database access

* Super-fast native API

* Easy data extraction for
   Business Analysis

* Quickly deploy database-
   enabled spreadsheets.

* Friendly, wizard-based

* Consolidate data from
   many different databases.

* Oracle-enable your Excel

* Update your database
   directly from Excel.

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