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Your end-users deserve fast and easy access to their Oracle and SQL Server data. To be effective, you must give them fast access their data while maintaining security. Excel-DB is the time-tested solution to empower your end-users by giving them the data that they need, no hassle, no security risks. Your end-users know Excel spreadsheets and they can quickly analyze their data using tools that they know and love.

Excel-DB gives MS Excel full access to external databases. Through Excel-DB Excel can be used as scratchpad for your databases. You can easily send data to and from your databases. You will find that Excel-DB is nicely integrated into Excel: it has it's own menu and toolbar and supports even Excel's macro recording and VBA!

  • Starting and configuring Excel-DB - Learn all about Excel-DB please see the following help sections. Help is available almost in every dialog in Excel-DB. Simply use F1 or click the help button to jump to the correct help page.
  • Excel-DB Features - In this section the most commonly used features of Excel-DB are explained. Read how to connect to your database and interact with it.   Also see advanced features such as how to execute multiple SQL statement, how to explicitly format your data and much more. . .
  • Excel-DB Reference - Detailed information is available about each menu item, dialog and dialog contents. A complete reference manual.
    In addition to this find in the Excel-DB Reference the details how to record macros with Excel-DB and write your own macros / VBA programs.
  • Troubleshooting - A description of the common user errors with their workarounds and solutions.


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