Excel-DB. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis  

Excel-DB does it all

Excel-DB is the time-tested solution to empower your spreadsheets with current data, no hassle, no security risks. You can quickly analyze your mission critical data using the Excel spreadsheet tools that you know and love.

Easy built-in data access

Excel-DB integrates with Excel and the Excel-DB toolbar has easy built-in point-and-click database connectivity.

Excel-DB has an amazing array of database functions right at your fingertips and right in your spreadsheet. 

You can easily find the tables you want and quickly, download rows for detailed analysis, write your own SQL and even execute PL/SQL.

You can enter and execute SQL right inside your Excel spreadsheet and refresh spreadsheet queries.

Excel-DB allows you to update Oracle or SQL Server, and you can insert into Oracle tables with ease.  Best of all, you can re-store your spreadsheet data back into the database for safe and secure data storage.

Excel-DB Core Features

  Easy Install Database wizards  
  Update the database from Excel Full data security  
  Database consolidation Easy business intelligence  

Excel-DB integrates many databases

Excel-DB is not just for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.  You can also use Excel-DB with ODBC to consolidate data from almost any database:

  MS-Access Firebird Paradox SQL Anywhere


Active Directory MS-Project Oracle SQL Server
  DB2 FoxPro PostgreSQL XML
  dBase MySQL QuickBooks  

Excel-DB is the ultimate professional tool for seamless database access.

Excel-DB database security

Excel-DB honors the existing security roles for all of the major databases, and there are no traps or backdoors.  In Oracle, Excel-DB honors grant security, virtual private database security and role-based security.

Database access wizards

Excel-DB has a intuitive wizard interface that walks you through all of the important installation and configuration steps.

Update the database from Excel

Excel-DB has a unique interface that allows you to quickly download your database information, analyze it, and re-load the data back into your database for secure storage.  Once data is retrieved into Excel, Excel-DB allows you to edit the data in the spreadsheet. When the changes are made, the data can be updated in the database with a few simple mouse clicks. Optionally, Excel-DB will ask you to confirm each individual change.

Break the chains of Spreadsheet Data Restrictions

It's your data, why can't you access it? 

Break the chains of database restrictions with Excel-DB.  Get the current data that you need to do your job, right from Oracle or SQL Server.

  • Extract your data directly into Excel
  • Update Oracle directly from your spreadsheet

Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for Excel-DB software. 

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