Excel-DB. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis  

Excel-DB for easy business intelligence and data warehouse analysis

Excel-DB gives you a direct and easy interface for downloading consolidated data for business intelligence analysis, right inside Excel.

There is no need to purchased expensive Business intelligence of data warehouse solutions for Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server, since all you need to do is download the current data in real-time. Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for Excel-DB software.   Best of all, there is no learning curve since you are using native Excel tools for data analysis.

Let's explore the power of Excel-DB for database enabled business intelligence.

OLAP analysis with Excel-DB

With Excel-DB there is no need for expensive multidimensional and OLAP tools.  Simply extract your data with native SQL, and you are ready-to-go with robust OLAP analysis.

By download data directly from Oracle or SQL Server you can quickly use the Excel pivot table tool to create OLAP cubes for fast data analysis.

Any Oracle data can be downloaded and cubed to provide a robust OLAP (ROLAP) solution for decision support and data analysis applications.

This alleviates the need to buy expensive Oracle OLAP tools such as the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) plug-in, Hyperion or Cognos software.

Get Oracle OLAP fast and easy with Excel-DB, the preferred method for Oracle spreadsheet advanced analytics.


Create dashboards

Excel-DB formula management functions can be used to create database enabled dashboards without the cumbersome VBA tools.  Here is a simple example using a flight details spreadsheet.  Enter a new flight number.

In the example, we enter KLM1234.  The following formula was used to retrieve the flight details from the database:

=Transpose( SQLQueryValue( “select flight_id, passengers, luggage, destination, type from flights where flight_number = ‘” & A2 & “’” ) )


The SQLQueryValue formula will retrieve the row from the database. Then the Excel transpose formula will transpose the horizontal array to a vertical array.

Master Detail Analysis

Excel-DB allows you to create master-detail spreadsheets.   The master information can be selected into a spreadsheet while the detail data can be retrieved into a second spreadsheet.    The detail data will be dependent on the master information. 


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