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Excel-DB for database consolidation

In today's best-of-breed environments it's not uncommon to see shops with every database product imaginable, an incredible data management challenge.

The end-users scream "where's my data?", the DBA cannot manage consistency between Oracle and SQL Server, and bringing-together related data becomes a formidable challenge.

Excel-DB is the perfect tool for consolidating data from many databases.  Using the Excel-DB interface, data from diverse database can be consolidated into a central spreadsheet.  You can quickly merge data from Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL, all in one common interface.  Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for Excel-DB software.

Data consolidation is a nightmare and Excel-DB is the ideal solution.  Excel-DB stored the data access method (using the native SQL of the database) and allows you to bring-together data with ease. 

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