Excel-DB. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis  

A professional tool at the right price

Your end-users deserve fast and easy access to their Oracle and SQL Server data. To be effective, you must give them fast access their data while maintaining security.

Purchase Excel-DB for Oracle and SQL Server:

Excel-DB offers a range of options to database enable your Excel spreadsheets, with generous quantity discounts for large shops:


  Seats Cost per seat Buy Now!
  1-9 $395 each Buy Now - Immediate Download
  10-49 $316 each (20%-off)  
  50-999 Call (800) 766-1884  

Excel-DB is the time-tested solution to empower your end-users by giving them the data that they need, no hassle, no security risks. Your end-users know Excel spreadsheets and they can quickly analyze their data using tools that they know and love.


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