Excel-DB. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis  

Excel-DB is a great Oracle ODBC tool that can be used to easily convert Oracle data into Excel spreadsheets.  This Oracle ODBC tool makes moving data to and from Oracle simple and safe. Excel-DB honors grant security, virtual private database security and role-based security making it a 100% safe Oracle ODBC tool.  With an easy to use interface this Oracle ODBC tool will make the extraction of your Oracle data to Excel spreadsheets virtually effortless.  Get your copy of Excel-DB now and begin utilizing the features offered by this great Oracle ODBC tool now!  Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for Excel-DB.

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This Oracle ODBC tool will make using the Excel spreadsheet tools you already know and love easy.  Designed by some of the worlds top Oracle database experts, this Oracle ODBC tool will make accessing your Oracle data using Excel simple and easy.


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