Excel-DB. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis. Rapid Database Spreadsheet Analysis  

Excel-DB is the perfect companion for SQL Server.  You get a built-in interface to your SQL Server tables, your current data right in your spreadsheet.


It's hard to incorporate SQL Server data into Excel, but Excel-DB puts your SQL Server tables at your fingertips, and you can insert and update SQL Server directly from Excel.

Excel-DB is great for the SQL Server user and you can get your SQL Server data into your spreadsheet with a built-in toolbar. There is no need to buy expensive Business intelligence or data warehouse solutions for SQL Server, since all you need to do is download your SQL Server tables right into your spreadsheet.

Excel-DB is the perfect interface for SQL Server data.  You can directly extract and analyze current SQL Server data, right in your excel spreadsheet and without cumbersome Microsoft ODBC.  Windows Vista and Excel 2007 are supported environments for Excel-DB.


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